Polmotors Sp. z o.o.


The Polmotors was established in 1989 and since the beginning operates in a uniform capital structure.


The company is firmly bound by long-standing collaboration with the leaders of global automotive industry, i.e. VW, PSA, AUDI, BMW, FCA corporations, delivering proper products directly to over 100 factories of these and other leading companies in Europe and in the world.

The Polmotors provides complex service of orders for the automotive industry, covering all key stages involved in creating of the product value which include:


  • R&D: new products characteristics definition, FEM analysis, modeling,
  • quick prototyping and validation,
  • processes designing and optimization, tools and equipment engineering,
  • construction of advanced tools for forming process,
  • high-performance and advanced series production processes based on forming and assembly technologies.


The culture of organization and management of Polmotors is based on the following values:


  • Basic values: humility, truth, respect
  • Company values: Customers, Development, Responsibility, Team cooperation


Polmotors vision:


  • Together, we create a responsible and open company, together we implement the most modern technologies and systems – so that our indicators: quality, customer’s satisfaction, profit – allow for further development. We care about satisfaction from our work.


Polmotors mission:


  • We create advanced innovative products for leaders in the automotive sector.


Foundations of the Polmotors strategy and policy are as follows:


  • The highest customers satisfaction,
  • human resources as well as efficient and flexible management system,
  • development and implementation of the most advanced technologies,
  • social responsibility.


In recognition of consequences of our policies implementation in the course of over 30 years of company’s business are numerous prizes and awards that the company has received from both customers and the economic and scientific environment:


  • Golden Laurel of Skills and Competence,
  • Silesia Voivodeship Company of the Year – South Sub-region 2012,
  • Polish Business Leader,
  • Diamond to the Golden Statuette of the Polish Business Leader,
  • Certificate of belonging to the 500 most innovative companies awarded by the Polish Scientific Network MSN and Polish Academy of Sciences (2012).