Polmotors Sp. z o.o.


The Polmotors offers to the proper customers the potential of engineering and manufacturing knowledge covering all key stages of the project life cycle.



R&D: “Co-design”, designing of components and subassemblies applyingadvanced tools and knowledge, in terms of the FEM methods and production functional characteristics knowledge. Potential of internal experts team and external leading research units is used while realizing development projects.




Modeling and optimization

Products designing, defining of key characteristics focused on obtaining of high technological and cost effectiveness of the future manufacturing process. The Polmotors engineers collaborate directly with engineers from development departments of our customers by supporting them in the design stage and mechanical analysis of products.



Prototyping, validation, reverse-engineering

Quick prototyping using modern technologies and the PolmotorsToolshope potential. Validation processes (dynamic, functional tests, geometry changes, etc.) carried out by the Polmotors laboratory facilities with support of external accredited entities specialized in the industry requirements.