Polmotors Sp. z o.o.

Social initiatives

The Polmotors being a distinct entity of the economic environment and acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, supports many initiatives for the development of local community in all aspects of community life including regarding, among others, culture, science, sport and recreation:


  • Culture: bielskajesien
    co-financing of the BWA events: Bielsko Autumn Painting Biennial
    co-financing of the Banialuka Theatre of Bielsko-Biała: XXVI International Festival of Puppet Art
    XII International Choir Festival „Gaude Cantem”
  • Sport and Recreation: co-financing of the Sport Club of Bielsko-Biała–women’s volleyball of Bielsko-Biała, sponsoring of family bicycle racings
  • Science: nitiatives for the development of research and workshop facilities of Science and Humanities Academy and local schools