Processes - a chain of seven steps necessary to achieve the goal.
Our development is based on a comprehensive value creation chain that facilitates effective implementation of our strategy and assures maximum satisfaction with the results of our work. Both to our clients and to ourselves.
We listen to the needs of the market and our customers. We are quick and flexible in responding to changing conditions. Even under difficult and demanding circumstances we are able to find opportunities that can be immediately translated into our intentions and their positive results.
An innovative and open-minded approach to technical challenges is the DNA of our company. In the research and development center, we implement programs that enable to realize innovations in products and technologies, resulting in lighter, safer and more environmentally neutral vehicles.
We have the knowledge and technical capabilities that allow us to prepare models, FEM calculations and simulations as well as to optimize technical and cost parameters of future products.
Our prototyping shop enables meeting customer expectations, when quick prototypes of parts and their validation in research laboratories is necessary. The prototyping shop is also used to test solutions developed by our R&D Department.
We design advanced tools, tooling and comprehensive production lines for various metal forming and joining technologies.
Thanks to the high and constantly developed competences of our engineers, we are able to significantly optimize the parameters of the manufacturing processes for the launched products already at the design stage.
Our tool shop allows for a very flexible response to the needs of our customers, which is especially important in projects with a short start-up time and if quick implementation of engineering changes is necessary.
We make advanced technical tooling for cold and hot forming, as well as special workstations and tooling for vehicle components assembly.
The tool shop department is an experienced team of operators and toolmakers using the state-of-the-art machines and dedicated test benches for testing and adjusting tools and processes.
Teamwork, commitment, professionalism and quick decision-making processes are hallmarks of our approach to project management. Thanks to them, we finish even very complex and demanding projects with the best possible results - customer's appreciation of our job well done. The recognition also comes in the form of awards from our customers.
Polmotors System - is our company's production system, which is focused on continuous improvement of indicators, including the ones concerning quality and safety, and the elimination of all losses. We build the system by combining the best global management practices and techniques with our own approach and experience as well as digitization and guidelines of Industry 4.0.
In our plants, we implement and develop the latest cold and hot forming solutions, assembly and configuration techniques. In many of them, we are a pioneer in our country and one of the world market leaders.